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Once you find a group you’re interested in, create a profile to connect connect with local organizations and find out when and where they meet.


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Explore our map to see what’s nearby and filter groups by proximity to you.

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Helpful categories ensure you find the right type of group whether it’s service, fellowship, study, or youth-oriented!

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Discover Bible-based congregations near you and see what they’re up to.

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Every meeting and service opportunity helps you connect with the body of Christ and grow in your own faith journey.

What people say about Christ Connected

New to town and not yet connected with a church, Christ Connected helped me find a wonderful Bible study group right away!

Christ Connected Member

We love that our organization is seen by more people and gathers more volunteers than it did before!

Nonprofit Organization Leader

While I have a fellowship group at my church, I wanted to learn about ministry opportunities near me. Christ Connected has helped me serve!

Christ Connected Member

Christ Connected is the perfect way to let current and potential members know about all of our meeting locations.

Christ Connected Group Leader

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